Humble beginnings

The Riverbank story began in 1988 when Mario Bozzo bought a chicken farm in country Victoria. Noticing his chicken’s performance varied greatly with different feeds, and struggling to find a supplier to provide a consistent product, the family decided to produce their own feed. In 1996 Riverbank Stockfeeds was established and the Bozzo family began producing and supplying Victorian livestock farmers with consistent, properly formulated feed.

A growing family

Following this philosophy of well formulated, dependable feeds, Riverbank Stockfeeds grew rapidly as other farmers experienced the benefits. A manufacturing facility was built in 1997 and in 2008, Riverbank acquired South Gippsland Stockfeeds and it’s substantial expertise in the dairy industry.  Today, we have grown from humble beginnings to now have over 20 years of experience operating in the agricultural industry with vested interests from grain farming through to beef and egg production.

Family pride

At Riverbank, we take enormous pride in our strong family roots, just as we respect each and every one of our customers as a part of the greater Riverbank family. We proudly provide high quality, good value feed that we’ve developed using our own livestock and nutritional knowledge and state of the art manufacturing techniques.