Cow Care Lead Feed

The feed designed to protect the cow at her most vulnerable time: pre-calving and post-calving.

The Cow Care Lead Feed balances the mismatch of energy intake and energy needs of the cow by including:

  • A blend of anionic salts to provide a negative DCAD, increase blood calcium levels prior to freshening and reduce the likelihood of metabolic disorders like milk fever
  • Rumen buffers to minimise the risk of acidosis
  • A wide range of nutrients including iodine for disease resistance, vitamin A for its role during gestation, and effect on retained placenta and calf mortality, as well as other vitamins D, E and biotin; selenium and other antioxidants
Available as mash or pellets

Minimum specifications (on dry matter basis)

  • 15% Crude protein
  • 2% Crude fat
  • No added salt or urea
  • Cow Care Mineral Pack