Cow Care Heifer Developer

The feed designed to give your growing heifers the efficient, balanced diet that helps them realize their genetic potential.

The Cow Care Heifer Developer is a feed complementary with forage for young stock from 12 months of age. It helps maintain a steady growth rate of 0.75kg/day, avoiding extended periods of weight gain or loss, by including:

  • Two cereal grains, true protein (lupins, peas or canola meal) limestone, and salt
  • Magnesium oxide to supplement magnesium levels, for good muscle tone and nervous function
  • Rumen buffer sodium bicarbonate to help regulate rumen pH
  • Sodium bentonite for its high ion exchange and moisture-absorbing capacity
  • Molafos┬«, a palatable supplement high in energy, that promotes rumen bacteria function, encouraging young stock to forage further and less selectively
  • A wide range of nutrients including zinc for growth, development and metabolic function, vitamins A, D, E and biotin; selenium and other antioxidants

Available as 15% crude protein, in mash or pellets

Minimum specifications (on dry matter basis)

  • 12.5 MJ Metabolisable Energy/kg DM
  • 2% Crude fat
  • 22% NDF
  • 10 grams/kg Calcium
  • 5 grams/kg Magnesium
  • Cow Care Mineral Pack