• The only full ration mix that’s seasonally adjusted to help prevent the top five cow health problems, all year round. It includes:
    • Acidbuf® to regulate and condition the rumen pH, as well as release highly bio-available calcium and magnesium to the cow
    • Molafos® a palatable supplement high in energy, that promotes rumen bacteria function, encouraging cows to forage further and less selectively
    • Magnesium oxide to supplement magnesium levels, for good muscle tone and nervous function
    • Limeflour to provide calcium, for good bone strength, muscle function and general good health
    • A wide range of nutrients including cobalt for the synthesis of glucose, vitamins A, D, E and biotin; selenium and other antioxidants
    • True protein, which is a lot safer for the cow
    • Salt
    Available from $17.30 per 25KG*